Set of 5 Wall Baskets

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This stunning wall basket set is made by artisans in Rwanda, a country in central Africa. They're crafted by carefully wrapping naturally dyed strands of sisal around a core of locally gathered forest grasses -- a process that can take two to three days to make just one medium sized basket. 

These fair trade baskets look wonderful hanging on the wall, and come with a loop in back for easy hanging. Or, put them on the table for storing fruit or serving bread. The largest one has a flat bottom so it can be used as a serving tray.

Diameter Sizes: 16", 12", 12" 7", 7".

Colors:  White, black, dark blue and tea. The tea coloring comes from soaking the sisal strands in tea until the desired color is achieved. In this set the tea coloring ranges from light to dark. Some of the black looks dark blue in bright light.

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