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Vintage African wedding basket that measures about 19" diameter and 3" high. It has a dark brown finish with beige corn husk repairs. Perfect for table top display or hanging on the wall. Browse more African baskets at my store: Wall Baskets
BACKGROUND: In a time-honored tradition, new brides in Zambia - a country in Eastern Africa -receive a beautiful yet practical gift: a Makenge root wedding basket. The heirloom is so durable that the same basket is often passed down in families for more than 100 years. Only the most skilled craftswomen are able to weave these baskets and each one can take one to two months to create. Taking the roots of the Makenge bush and boiling them until soft, they color the fiber with natural plant dyes. Then they weave the basket into one of a kind patterns conveying messages of beauty, marriage and family. A quick and easy way to hang this basket on the wall is to use no damage wall hanging strips (similar to double sided tape), which are sold at home improvement stores and online. Or, a black finishing nail with small head. PLEASE NOTE: This item ships free only in the contiguous U.S.. It'll be sent FedEx Home Delivery so a physical address is needed.