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Here's an assortment of small handwoven wall baskets that display beautifully together or mixed into an existing basket wall. Basket 1 Brown, black and beige. 9" diameter; 2" high (small area of color bleed. See image) Basket 2 Black, light rust and beige. 8 3/4" diameter; 1 1/2" high Basket 3 Rust, beige, black 8 1/2" diameter; 2" high (some color bleed. See image.) Basket 4 Black, rust and beige. 8 3/4" diameter, 2 1/2" high Basket 5 Beige, rust, and green. 7 1/2" diameter; 2 1/2" high Basket 6 Beige, rust and green 9 1/2" diameter, 2 1/2" high Basket 7 Beige, black and rust. 8 1/2 diameter, 1 3/4" high. (Some color bleed. See picture.) Basket 8 Rust, dark brown, beige. 8" diameter, 1" high. Basket 9 Greenish-blue, rust and beige. 8" diameter 1 3/4" high Select which basket you want from the drop down menu. BROWSE MORE WALL BASKETS AT MY SHOP: Wall Baskets - A quick and easy way to hang baskets on the wall is to use no damage wall hanging strips, which are sold online and at home improvement stores. Or, use a finishing nail with small head inserted between the weave. - Real colors may differ from their appearance on your computer screen. - If you're unsure about something, please ask questions before placing an order. We're always happy to answer any questions in order to help you make an informed buying decision.