White African Grain Baskets

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Merging modern materials and traditional weaving skills, women in the West African nation of Senegal create these elegant grain baskets that are perfect for wall or table top display. Woven from cat tail stalks (with brown and mossy green hues) and strips of crisp white recycled plastic prayer mats, the result is a truly stylish basket you'll be proud to display.

Sold individually or you can buy all three (one of each size) for a discounted price.

Because the baskets are handmade the sizes will vary slightly. The sizes available are ....

12" diameter and 2" - 3" high

14" diameter and 2" - 3" high

16" diameter and 2" - 3" high

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- A quick and easy way to hang baskets on the wall is to use no damage wall hanging strips, which are sold online and at home improvement stores. Or, use a finishing nail and insert it between the weave so it doesn't damage the basket.